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Giving back and helping those in need.


Taking care of our bodies and mind.


Seek, promote and develop our businesses.


Teaching new skills and sharing expertise.


Making friends and having fun..


About Us

8 years ago, while at a play place on Nipissing Road in Milton for a kids bday party, our wives were huddled around in one area socializing and laughing; the fathers were on the other side of the room standing awkwardly with eachother trying to find something to talk about.

The women were part of a new “Moms” group in town and it provided them with lots to talk about, A group of 4 dads who had just met for the first time, were new Milton residents and were struggling to find common ground to base a conversation.

The silence was finally broken when one of us piped up and said, “we should start a dads group”! The seed was planted and as they say, “the rest is history”.

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Here's the latest from the neighborhood

DOM Kick Off Event at Champs

Thanks to the hard work of our exec team (especially Daniel Marshall & Tiberio Ponceano) everyone had an awesome night. Big thanks to the companies and individuals who made prize donations for the tournament: Joe Read more…

New Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. The team has worked hard to create a space where DOMs can come to learn about upcoming events and how to get involved in Read more…

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