We’re a group of dads, who live in town, and care deeply about our home, Milton.

After witnessing their wives having so much fun and meeting so many new people through a local moms group in Milton, co-founders James Secondino, Zane Mistry, Victor Teles and Ryan Sullivan thought…why should the moms have all the fun and thus, the Dads of Milton was born. 

Beginning in 2014, the DOMs started off as a small group of 10-20 dads interacting over facebook, playing soccer and meeting up at local hangout spots and garages under the premise that…being a dad is hard, so let’s help each other and have fun along the way. Over time and mainly through the vision and immense networking skills of its founder James, the DOMs grew to several hundred Dads and expanded its mandate and purpose around 5 main foundational pillars: 

  1. Giving back the community
  2. Helping small Milton run businesses
  3. Taking care of yourself, physically and mentally
  4. Teach each other new skills
  5. Have tons of fun along the way

Today, the DOMs are 2,600 strong and one of the largest and most distinguished non-for-profit organizations in Milton. Over the past 8 years, the DOMs have raised thousands of dollars for the Milton community, local charities and select Milton families in need. Anchored by its marquee events Step Up to the Plate and Summer Golf tournament along with multiple networking events and socials throughout the year, the DOMs continue to grow in numbers while honouring the pillars that reflect who they are and what they do. 

Any dad in Milton can be a DOM, so please join through our Facebook group if you are interested. Please remember to be respectful, be active and help one another the best you can. We hope to see you soon.

The Executive Team