Thanks to the hard work of our exec team (especially Daniel Marshall & Tiberio Ponceano) everyone had an awesome night.

Big thanks to the companies and individuals who made prize donations for the tournament:

  • Joe Camastra of Re/Max
  • The Barn Door Studio
  • Eddie’s Tire Shoppe
  • Tijuana Tom’s House of Hot Sauce.

There was a lot of energy in the room from the anticipation of announcements and the annual Kickoff itself. Champs did an incredible job at looking after our guests.

Our server (Daniel) was phenomenal and the owner (Jeremy) who set us up was very generous with promotions. Incidentally Daniel is a new Dad and was intrigued by some of the announcements he heard in passing when receiving and delivering our orders.

On our way out, he stopped to ask some of our guys if there was a way he could get involved in the group! Naturally he was welcomed as we’re always looking to grow memberships with the right people. For anyone else who might be wondering what the DoMs are; that is it!

We meet good people and introduce them to other good people.

After that it’s do as much good as we can in the community. One of our members said it best, “the bigger we grow, the greater our reach, the larger the impact!”. With what’s laid out for 2022, we plan to do exactly that.

– James Secondino

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